Anxiety – do you give up?

Is it pointless, trying to educate or share the knowledge you have in the hope of encouraging a more harmonious life of equality, respect and good welfare standards for all humans and non-humans, including the environment in general. There are many people who share your beliefs (far more who don’t or are not aware) but explain things more eloquently or with more creative methods and illustrations; Anxiety tells you not to try because you would just be repeating what those you have learnt from are saying, but the rational mind tells you that it is a message worth repeating and fighting for. Anxiety tells you you cant do anything so should stop trying and just live your insular life or remove yourself from burdening this planet and those you love. Rationality tells you that anxiety is not always as strong and that you must fight and face the fear as to abandon your loved ones is not an option and living a life with no progression is dull and pointless.


A rabbit facing a predator is frozen in fear, this response will lead to death, the only other two options are flight; but the rabbit may have to run a long way before they are safe, that leaves fight.

Fight you way to Freedom.


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