Why do we still use physical punishment?


Positive Punishment increases aggression and avoidance, while Positive Reinforcement reduces anxiety and improves confidence and bonding. ‘So why do we still use Positive Punishment with our pets?’
The linked video highlights that the key to improving animal welfare is human behaviour training and communication. People inherently want to be part of a group and popular, they will laugh deliberately at jokes delivered by members of the groups they want to join as it increases bonding and cooperation. Some people dismiss Positive Reinforcement as being ‘alternative, just trick training or ignore it as they are not experiencing problems with their current methods’ even though it is fully evidenced and supported by science. It is not a new method it has been around for centuries and has allowed us to communicate with animals effectively, giving them choice and allowing expression of their rights as a living and sentient being.
To increase the awareness and uptake of Positive Reinforcement methods we need to demonstrate that there is a large following and many groups of +R supporters, explaining Reward based methods with out dismissing or criticising their current views or methods, find common ground, recognise and reward something good they have done and then make a suggestion of how Positive Reinforcement could fit in with it. People can not be forced to employ Positive Reinforcement; that goes against the definition and core principles of the method.


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