Baby development: record – entry 1 (retrospective)

She started to focus and observe from quite early on and she started to sit unaided at 16 weeks, which is very early. This sitting and new perspective is what I believe helped her progress so quickly – she started to reach and get hold of things around this time and by 6months she sat so well and looked so alert that people thought she was much older.

She did not roll as quickly as some children (but was still in the early part of average) but I believe this was because she could reach everything she wanted from her sitting position.

She loved being in her jumperoo and it would entertain her for hours.

She looked as though she might crawl at about 6months but it took a good month for her to actually do it and after a short bum shuffle period she went for the traditional crawling method. Her arms took longer to convince to move forward so she crawled backward for a while first.

She started to wave at 30weeks which was later linked to ‘bye bye’ and around 13months a different wave was used in connection with saying ‘hi’.

She started to clap at 27weeks and this was her favourite thing to practice for 2weeks before she decided it was easy and moved on to the next challenge.

She started to shake her head to mean no at about 10months and shortly added the word to the action. She could not nod her head until about 12months which from 14months was occasionally linked to the word ‘yes’.

She started to stand unaided at 9months and coasted around furniture a couple of weeks later.

She took her first few steps at 10months but as with crawling, it took her a month of practice before she was confident to do it properly and this started at 11months, she also walked backwards before she got the forward motion.

From 12 1/2 months she started to practice running and by 14months (the time of my origional note) she was not quite there but was very fast in walk/jog.


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