Exploration – Natural History Museum, London.


I love this museum, the building in its self is worth a visit for its sheer intricacy and beauty.

That said, we will not be going back with a toddler. The queue on a saturday was 40minutes, in the drissling rain with a toddler that did not want to sit in the buggy under the rain cover and insisted on being held. They check you bags which is great for security but causes the hold up.

There were masses of people inside, especially in the dinausaur exhibit and our toddler wanted to carve through all of them. She did love looking at exhibits away from people, the stages of evolution and relates primate sculls, the dinosaurs, elephant and whales as well as other animals she recognised, she also liked playing with the touch screen view of a fly which allowed you to see different layers and images if the inside of the insect.




davMy tip would be getting the train or paying the congestion charge and driving up in the week. There should be less people and queuing that way. There is a carpark less than 5minutes walk away. There are lifts inside but if you want to easily get around it is best to go when you dont need a buggy. They have a cloakroom where you can store your things. Visit the popular exhibits off peak.





Below, one of my favourite animals, the hardly known Pangolin – in fact the exhibit said it is at risk of extinction before many people have even heard of it.


We will definitely be returning when she is older and has more appreciation of what she is looking at or if she is learning biology and we want to it and draw or research something in more detail.dav



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