Toddler dancing to Beyonce videos

Dancing is brilliant for all ages and particularly for infants and children it provides exercise, stimulates rhythm, auditory senses, language acquisition, cultural awareness, musicality, social interaction and communication, refinement of motor skills and exploration of body control and most importantly freedom of expression and fun.

My daughter is 22months old and started to dance when she was about 7months, as soon as she could stand and was learning to walk there was no stopping her and she wiggled side to side, bopped up and down and had a range of arm and hand movements. Once the initial couple of months of learning what dancing was had passed, she started to develop a taste for her favourite songs and would only dance to those. Now she often likes us to dance as well but not to sing!… assuming she doesn’t want mummy ruining her Beyonce songs ;).

Follow the links to view the snippets of her dancing to Formation and 711 on Facebook and twitter:

Formation on Twitter

Formation on FB

711 on Twitter

711 on FB



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