The amygdala – fear vs prey drive.

The attached article discusses how scientists have discovered the location in the brain of the prey drive/hunting instinct. I must add that it is far better written and balanced in Science magazine than the shock headline ‘… turned mice in to killers’ of a mainstream media article and video.

I just briefly wanted to comment on how they talk about it seeming odd for the fear and prey drive to be controlled by the same part of the brain. But I am not…. if you consider Panksepps core emotions and the situations in which they are activated. Hunting will activate the SEEKING system. If you then think about how animals react to a novel object/animal they might run away initially but if they dont get chased they most likely turn around and start to try and look at the object, moving their heads up and down, side to side to develop a full view, they might also start to follow or approach the object; at this point both their FEAR and SEEKING systems are activated. In addition in my opinion the fact that these are core emotions indicates we probably have had them since the start and it would therefore make sense for them to be controlled by one of the older parts of the brain.



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