Child development record: Impending ‘terrible two’s’


As we look forward to her impending second birthday we are amazed at where the time has gone but also that she is actually real… that amazing feeling of pride knowing that you have nurtured this little being to where she is and that life (with out us realising at the time) must have been so empty before her.

Mushy reflection over, I am bracing myself for the rocky road of toddler demands and independence. We have been very lucky so far – she has always been a lovely, happy baby who was relaxed and as happy amusing herself with her toys as walking the dogs, feeding the horses or running about at the playground. She even came to like the supermarket – it allowed for observation and interaction with strangers at a safe distance… nobody usually tried to touch her or invade her (rather large) personal space zone. However in the past month or two she has displayed an increasing number of mini tantrums, can turn the tears on and off like a switch and being linguistically advanced has provided us with some quite confrontational (yet humorous) vocabulary… I think my favourites have to be:

‘Why not?!’ Said with a defiant tone.

‘I the boss!’

Me: ‘do you want to use the potty?’ Baby: ‘no potty… it dangerous!’

When walking home from ballet and I prevented her walking up and down any more steps: ‘uh this is boring!’

That along with all the other little independent assertions and persistently trying to turn us into frogs with her wand mean I await the next few months with both anticipation and camera ready to capture the side that we will one day look back on with humour.


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