Child Development record: Scribbles and art


Scribbling is an important activity for child development, learning to hold a pen, pressure control, mark making and discovering how the symbols that make up our written language are formed.

Once discouraged and even punished in favour of following an ‘adult’ model, scribbling is now known to be important and is even encouraged with adults in art therapy (also known as free drawing – the person draws a continuous line for a few minutes, with their eyes shut).


This is our alphabet and number wall with posters of the Russian, Spanish and English alphabets and the white board which is intended to contain words and definitions but is currently being used for drawing. This is one of her first drawings as a two year old an contains flowing lines and small concentrated patches of scribble. When colouring premade pictures she always scribbles these dense patches over small details such as stars (have picture somewhere if I can find it). I photographed it as I was quite pleased with all the different types of marks and the fact she uses the whole canvas. She loves drawing and always asks for the pen in the kitchen. Experience has however taught me not to leave her alone with the pen (and that white board markers clean off the wall quite well with washing up liquid!)


Art and creativity are an important part of expression and aid relaxation and meditation in fostering a happy life.


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