Are your children safe with animals?

I have been sharing and posting a lot more on my facebook page recently so please consider following that for more regular posts. I found an article that discusses animal and children interactions and the worrying level of videos and photos that are described as cute when the child is in fact in potential danger.

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Small children are unpredictable and move irraticallyIMG_20170504_105904.jpg with strange noises. I don’t think I have seen any animal not show some kind of anxiety, avoidance or appeasement behaviours around small children. Most try their hardest not to lash out physically because non human animals naturally avoid physical violence in case of injury to themselves, but this is why the parent should always monitor the situation and remove the child after short periods to give the animal a break and not push their thresholds too far… once the animal has snapped or acted more aggressively and found you remove the child it is difficult to reverse and they can learn to go straight for this step with less warning as they know it works.


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