Doggy Etiquette

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This is not a new campaign but it is very important. There are many occasions where dogs have ran over to mine or been growling and also try to mount as dominant assertions (which is a sure fire way to annoy most dogs and potentially cause a fight) and indeed my family dogs have taken off to greet a dog in the distance, I know they are friendly but you don’t know that the dog at the other end is and having two big labs hurtling towards you is intimidating for human and dog on the receiving end. This for us is a very rare occurrence as my eyes are always searching for other dogs and they go straight back on the lead as I know, try as we may, they just find other dogs far more exciting than us.

It is polite when walking your dog to put them back on the lead or get a good control over them when anyone approaches but especially people walking other dogs, horses or children. This way the risks are reduced and every one enjoys the space safely. To add to this the dogs get a lot of messages from their owner therefore if I do not engage in conversation or even verbally acknowledge you it is not rudeness , it is because to do so permits my dog to do the same.

The yellow dog campaign has tried to get everyone to use something yellow that indicates that dog needs more space, this could include space from strangers without dogs as the dog might be fearful, aggressive or in training. I think it is therefore very important to spread the campaign efforts to everyone.

Nb. It is also important to realise not every dog that wears a muzzle is dangerous, they may be wearing one because of bad eating habits while walking or because they are a risk to small furry things. Proceed with caution but perhaps greet the owner so they don’t feel alienated or criminal 🙂


Never ending life


Just because you are atheist or agnostic does not mean you have to tell your child that a pet or loved one is gone forever when they die. Their energy lives on all around us in the plants and animals that they have supplied nutrients to with their ashes. They can sit in the spot where the loved one is scattered and see the life around them and remember fond memories. You are never gone, you just pass your energy on.