Vera&Bob paperback now available (learning theory for kids)

*PLEASE SHARE* Vera&Bob Paperback now available on amazon (link below – also in kindle format)
Do you want your child to be safer around animals? this book promotes observation of behaviour and positive interactions as well as introducing basic learning theory principles that are transferable between species (including humans) and can help understand the way we ourselves learn. Vera’s story encourages readers to follow their dreams and uniqueness.
‘Vera is a young bilingual girl who loves running barefoot around the garden and exploring nature. On her Seventh birthday her Mum (a behavioural scientist) surprises her with a pony called Bob, but there is a catch; he is a rescued wild pony who is not used to being close to people.
The story follows Vera learning about training techniques and behaviour, overcoming criticism and obstacles to train Bob using humane methods and compete and demonstrate what she has achieved, at equestrian shows.
The book contains a lot of moral life messages that are applicable and transferable to other scenarios. It introduces complex equestrian specific terms and psychological language with definitions and illustrations.
The book employs the well known mnemonic device of story telling to introduce a complicated subject. Ideal for horse mad children, young adults and those new to or interested in owning horses.’