Doggy Etiquette

Yellow Dog Campaign Website This is not a new campaign but it is very important. There are many occasions where dogs have ran over to mine or been growling and also try to mount as dominant assertions (which is a sure fire way to annoy most dogs and potentially cause a fight) and indeed my … More Doggy Etiquette

Never ending life

Just because you are atheist or agnostic does not mean you have to tell your child that a pet or loved one is gone forever when they die. Their energy lives on all around us in the plants and animals that they have supplied nutrients to with their ashes. They can sit in the spot … More Never ending life

Child Development record: Scribbles and art

Scribbling is an important activity for child development, learning to hold a pen, pressure control, mark making and discovering how the symbols that make up our written language are formed. Once discouraged and even punished in favour of following an ‘adult’ model, scribbling is now known to be important and is even encouraged with adults … More Child Development record: Scribbles and art